Google Details Summer Of Code In Hangout

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Last week Google announced the Summer of Code 2012, a program has students working with open source development projects around the country while the search giant pays them for their work.

This year's Summer of Code features more than 180 projects for students to choose from. Interested students will be pleased to know that some major players in the open source scene are participating this year. Some of the companies include Mozilla, GIMP, Python and Google's own Chromium project.

Students have until tomorrow to submit a proposal. Make it the best you can if you want that sweet job working with an open source project. If you're still having trouble trying to think of a proposal, Google has you covered. The team behind the Summer of Code participated in a Google+ Hangout to talk about the event, the best way to get noticed and other tips.

If you're struck by inspiration from the video, check out the Summer of Code Web site to submit your proposal. While some people may say that you can't make a good proposal in one night, the A I received on a 10-page paper I wrote in three hours begs to disagree.

Are you applying for the Summer of Code? Who do you want to work with? Let us know in the comments.

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