Google Commissions Study To Show How Competitive The Mobile Market Is In Europe

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As you probably know, Google is currently embroiled in a years-long antitrust investigation in Europe, as authorities continue to look into its search business. The process was recently prolonged further by a change in leadership, with commissioner Joaquin Almunia stepping away, and Margrethe Vestager replacing him.

She has said she will take her time with the investigation.

Recently, Google's Android business has come under some scrutiny as well.

Meanwhile, Google continues to try to convince Europeans that the market is a competitive one. Today, Google shared some findings from a study it commissioned from The Boston Consulting Group. It's conclusion: Competition drives Europe's mobile market.

"The mobile Internet economy in the Europe’s five largest economies generates annual revenue of EUR92 billion -- encompassing sales of devices, access, advertising, and everything you do on the mobile web," it says. "This slice of the economy has also created 250,000 jobs in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain."

According to the study, mobile revenue in these five countries will have more than doubled to about EUR230 billion by 2017. That would be an annual growth rate of more than 25%.

"Importantly, BCG found competition occurring 'at every layer of the mobile ecosystem - among service providers, enablement platforms and companies providing apps, content and services,'" Google relays. "Competition is particularly intense among phone manufacturers and operating systems. As recently as 2010, the BlackBerry and Symbian platforms accounted for almost half of smartphone sales; today they represent less than five percent. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows are locked in fierce competition, while new entrants include Amazon’s Fire, Xiamo MIUI, Firefox OS, and Tizen."

The findings of the study, which you can find here, were presented at a Lisbon Council event.

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