Google Commerce Search Refresh Announced


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Retailers and serious shoppers alike may have reason to celebrate today.  The third generation of Google Commerce Search ("our search solution for e-commerce websites") is here, and it introduces several upgrades that should result in a better online shopping experience and perhaps greater sales.

First up is search-as-you-type technology, which should be familiar to everyone thanks to Google Instant.  Next, Google's now able to provide insights about local product availability, in the event a consumer would rather drive a mile than wait five days for a package to show up.

Then there's something that'll let retailers take a more active role in the shopping experience.  A post on the Official Google Blog explained, "Enhanced Merchandising tools allow retailers to create product promotions that display in banners alongside related search queries, and to easily set query-based landing pages (for example, when a visitor types [shoes], they're directed to a 'shoe' page)."

Finally, although it's still in testing, a product recommendations feature should show shoppers what products other people viewed and bought.

These changes are sure to win Google Commerce Search a few additional fans.  In fact, Google's already secured Forever21, General Nutrition Company (GNC), and L'Occitane as new retail partners.

Christine Burke, VP of International E-Commerce at L'Occitane, stated, "As our customers visit our re-designed website to shop and research our products, we're excited about the speed and accuracy of on-site search results that will be provided to us through Google Commerce Search.  We're also very excited about the possibility of the new local inventory feature, which can help us connect our customers with their favorite products in one of our 170 U.S. boutiques."