Google Buys Technical Tool Firm Zynamics


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Google and/or users of some of the company's many products may soon be a little safer.  A company called Zynamics announced today that it's been acquired by Google, and Zynamics specializes in reverse engineering tools and vulnerability research.

The Zynamics site is pretty bare, but here's a little bit of info for you: the company was founded in 2004, and is based in Bochum, Germany, with another office in Barcelona, Spain.  Thomas Dullien (or "Halvar Flake" in some circles) is its founder and CEO, and he's been a speaker at security conferences including Black Hat, CanSecWest, DEF CON, and RSA for years.

Next, to spare a few words about Zynamics's product lineup, its tools include things like BinDiff, BinNavi, VxClass, BinCrowd, and the PDF Dissector.

Otherwise, an official description of Zynamics states, "We provide solutions that aim at helping the software analyst to understand the complex relations that exist in modern software and to boost his productivity.  We understand that the key to many problems in software analysis is proper visualization, and aim to build tools that make software analysis intuitive and easy (or at least easier)."

Google hasn't yet specified how it will put the company's products to work.  The purchase price hasn't been disclosed, either, for that matter.

A big hat tip goes to Leena Rao, in any event.