Google Analytics Adds User Explorer Reporting (And More)

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Google's latest release notes for Google Analytics reveal some interesting new features including a new set of reporting called User Explorer Reporting. This lets customers anonymously analyze individual interactions to their site.

Google explains in the notes, "User Explorer utilizes your existing anonymous Google Analytics data to deliver incremental insights helps marketers obtain valuable insights need to improve and optimize their site."

User Explorer can be found in the Audience sections. The report will surface Anonymous Client ID and User ID information including a history of activity. Marketing Land has a good look at the report.

Also found in the release notes are: deeplinking into AdWords from the AdWords reporting section in GA; [Attribution 360] Data Studio integration; traffic moved to SSL; [Analyics 360] custom tables: align regex interpretation; flexible auto-tagging override for GA-AdWords linking; AdWords final URL dimension; new sitelinks report in AdWords reporting section in GA; [Analytics 360] Add Experiment Fields to GA's BigQuery Export; and Google Analytics Reporting API V4.

Go here for descriptions on all of these item.

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