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Google recently announced some new social reports, and now the company has announced that it's consolidated the locations of social reports in general.

Specifically, the Social Engagement, Social Actions, and Social Pages reports, which were previously listed in the Audience section, can now be found in the Social section under Traffic Sources.

Social Plugins Report

"Users now have access to both onsite behavior, the existing data, and off-site social activities of partners such as Google+, Digg, and Reddit among others," says Linus Chou of Google's Anaytics Team. "Below is a summary of how to access the data from the old reports in the new ones."

"To access onsite activities use the Traffic Sources -> Social -> Social Plugins report," explains Chou. "Here you see the social activities broken down by content. Selecting a specific page shows you the social activities by network for that page. Click the 'Social Source and action' tab highlighted in the screenshot below to see a breakdown of the itemized activities."

Last week, Google launched a Google Analytics page on Google+. Here are a couple of the most recent updates:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics   25 minutes ago All types of organizations, including non-profits, greatly benefit from effective use of analytics. Learn more about how +PBS and +SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) use analytics to improve their results.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics   23 hours ago "The big question remains however: What is the value of all that activity? While reporting number of tweets and retweets are fine measures, you can go further in your measurement analysis and connect your social activity with your website activity."

The first links to this blog post, and the second links to this Likeable article.

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