Google Affiliate Network Getting A List Of Improvements


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Are you a member of the Google Affiliate Network? You may want to listen up then.

Google announced on their Affiliate Network blog a host of changes coming to the service that should make everything faster and better organized for advertisers and publishers who use the service. The company comes swinging out of the gate with an update to the orders tab very fast. How fast? They claim that whether you're looking up 10 orders to 10,000, the results will display at about the same speed regardless of query load.

Changes for advertisers include a change to the orders tab that adds inline order editing to the page. No more will you have to navigate to a separate page to edit inline orders. Advertisers will also be able to cancel orders in bulk now.


Publishers shouldn't feel left out as Google has rolled out changes for you guys as well. Publishers can now directly edit the Member ID for an order inline. They say this should make it much easier on people whose job is it to edit or verify Member IDs.


A final change going out to everybody is that the page will now display locked orders, instead of just open orders. You can't edit a locked order, but being able to see them on the main page should help those who want to keep track of their orders.