Google AdWords Updates Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator

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In order to help users build better, more focused advertising campaigns, Google AdWords has updated its Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator capacities. Both functionalities assist users in gauging how certain keywords or ad groups might perform, to more effectively put together a structured ad run. According to Inside Adwords crew member Dan Freidman, “One of the most common uses of traffic estimates is to evaluate potential keywords and decide whether you should add them to your account. Traffic estimates are also useful in determining if your bids and budgets are appropriate for these new keywords.”

Improvements to the Keyword Tool include the ability to view keyword ideas grouped by themes, along with an enhanced integration of the new Traffic Estimator, which allows a more comprehensive view of data:

google adwords

As for the Traffic Estimator update, users can now better chart performance estimates - a graph has been incorporated to better gauge traffic and bid estimates visually, which depicts newly supported ad group drafts. And now, when users have settled on the visual draft of their campaigns, said drafts can be added directly to their accounts. Below is a screen of the new graph interface:

google adwords

AdWords Product Manager Deepti Bhatnagar states, "We’re also improving the quality and accuracy of the traffic estimates by using performance history to better gauge traffic estimates. This means that going forward you’ll have to log in to AdWords to use Traffic Estimator."

Google typically offers comprehensive guides regarding all of its product updates - enclosed are help pages for the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator.

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