Google Adds More Top Search Query Data


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Google has been adding more and more value to their Webmaster tools which really should help those of you just starting a Website or perhaps just need more help in attracting traffic. Either way, one of the best tools available is the ability to look at the top search query data. Google is making that data even more valuable.

Google announced today that Webmasters can now see up to 90 days of search query historical data. The previous limit was set to only 35 days, so that's a huge jump in data. It should give Webmasters a better idea of how their Website has been doing over the past few months instead of just the last month.

You can go back to the full 90 days by using the same date picker you've always used to see search query data in between particular dates. Here's what a full 90 days of search data looks like:

Google Adds More Top Search Query Data

As always, there is a catch though. You can't view 90 days worth of search data if you want to see changes with the previous time period. Changes are only available with 30 days of search data. Changes are also turned off by default, but you can turn them on with a button between the graph and the table.

There are a few other changes being made to Webmaster Tools. One of them is that users can now view basic search data as soon as site ownership is verified. The other change is that Google now collects the top 2,000 queries that your site gets clicks for. They feel that 98 percent of sites will have full coverage in this regard, but a few Webmasters may see less than 2,000 results.