Golf And Bloks Make Up This Week's Nintendo Download


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The Nintendo Download has been lacking in new content for the past few months. Major releases offer minor relief, but Nintendo more often than not relies on unexciting virtual console releases to pad out its release schedule. That same padding continues this week.

Nintendo announced today that the Wii U's only virtual console release this week is NES Open Tournament Golf. While it may certainly appeal to fans of old-school sports games, the NES sports game library is not exactly what you'd call exciting - barring the excellent Tecmo Bowl.

As for eShop releases, the Wii U is also getting Blok Drop U. The game is described as "a simple yet challenging physics-based puzzle game." The goal is to "safely guide the red blok to rest on any of the normal platforms by tapping and destroying the grey bloks."

As for 3DS, the handheld is getting two new eShop releases alongside one virtual console release. Starting with the eShop, players can choose between The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths or Vacation Advenure: Park Ranger. The first is an adventure game based on the French reboot of an 80s anime while the second is a simple lost and found-style game.

The single 3DS virtual console release this week is Adventure Island II. The classic platformer has Master Higgins traversing eight islands to save Tina - the sister of Princess Leilani.

Next week's Nintendo Download should be a bit more exciting as Yoshi's New Island launches on the 3DS.

Image via nesguide/YouTube