Goat Snarls Traffic, Holds Up Commuters In New Jersey


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Goats aren't typically known for holding up traffic, but one goat did just that this morning in New Jersey.

The AP reports that a goat had escaped onto the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey this morning. Five police officers were called to scene to help catch the goat, but they had no luck for nearly two hours. It appears the goat was rather nimble and kept jumping back and forth over the divider causing problems for both sides of traffic.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt as a result of the goat running along the highway. There was, however, a small accident involving four cars as the drivers were attempting to avoid the animal.

Where did the mischievous goat come from? The police aren't sure, but its tag did say U.S. Department of Agriculture. They assume that it had somehow escaped from a truck heading to a slaughterhouse.

Here's some amateur footage of the police trying to catch the escaped goat: