Glazer Plane Crash: US Coast Guard Cease Rescue Operation

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Following a search that covered roughly 3,750 square miles off the coast of Jamaica, the US Coast Guard has ceased rescue operations for the crashed plane of Laurence and Jane Glazer. The couple’s single-engine turboprop plane crashed into the sea off Jamaica’s northeast coast on Friday, September 5. The US Coast Guard and Jamaica Defense Force commenced search operations on Friday but have since encountered bad weather that reportedly caused spotted crash debris to sink over the weekend.

“I must admit it looks very discouraging. We haven't recovered anything as yet," said Maj. Basil Jarrett early Sunday.

Laurence Glazer and his wife Jane are mourned by the community of Rochester in New York, which was revitalized by innovative real estate developments spearheaded by Glazer that turned it from an abandoned industrial center into a trendy area that attracted young professionals. Glazer founded Buckingham Properties, Rochester’s largest real estate development firm. He was also part of several charity and civic organizations. Meanwhile, Jane Glazer founded a successful home goods catalog called QCI Direct and also served on numerous community boards.

“It deeply saddens me that Rochester has now lost two of its most indomitable, industrious visionaries,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY. “The Glazers were innovative and generous people who were committed to revitalizing downtown Rochester and making the city they loved a better place for all,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The couple boarded their plane intending to fly to Naples, Florida, where they had real estate projects underway. However, the plane mysteriously flew past its destination. Air traffic controllers reportedly last spoke to Glazer 75 minutes after the plane took off from Greater Rochester National Airport, when he twice asked to descend to a lower altitude due to a problem. After Glazer became unresponsive, US fighter pilots shadowed the plane and observed the pilot slumped over with the windows frosted. The plane crashed off Jamaica after reportedly flying on its own for 1,700 miles and running out of fuel.

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