Glamping: It's Like Camping, Except, You Know, Glamorous

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Glamping is apparently the latest craze amongst the young, hip, and wealthy. As you may already have guessed -- and if you did, treat yourself to another roasted marshmallow -- glamping is a combination of camping and glamor. Instead of going into the woods, setting up a tent, and enjoying all of that nifty nature around you, glamping suggests that you bring all of the modern luxuries of city life with you into the wild. Purpose: defeated.

In other words, if you like the idea of camping but hate the thought of getting dirt under your fingernails, glamping might be right up your alley. Alternatively, you could aways just rent a hotel room and stare out the window. It's essentially the same thing.

Since I'm old(ish) and out-of-touch with what the kids are doing these days, I stupidly assumed the glamping was sort sort of forbidden dance crafted by someone with a large supply of bath salts and a lot of free time. In reality, glamping is just a silly way to hang out in the woods, one that happens to be supported by pop sensation Justin Bieber. In a recently interview with Love Pop Magazine, the boy wonder discussed his love of glamping.

"You sleep on a bed. It’s a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you’re still in amongst the wildlife. It’s pretty cool," Bieber explained.

Apparently Bieber isn't the only glamping enthusiast in the world. According to Canoe Travel, a Canadian camping website, glamping is ideal for those individuals who really aren't into "nature", as it were. The site describes this peculiar activity as being "perfect for discerning travellers or any would-be camper nervous about equipment or the elements, it combines the comforts of modern furniture, electrical lighting and, in some cases, chef-prepared gourmet meals with the simplicity of camping."

In order to broaden my horizons on the subject, I turned to Twitter for some 140-character insight. As fate would have it, apparently a lot of people are a little perplexed by the activity. Enjoy some of their reactions to this seemingly pointless outdoor adventure below.

All apologies to you glampers out there. I'm sure you're incredible people.

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