Giuliana Rancic Talks About Life After Cancer


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The beloved E! News anchor and Fashion Police fashionista Giuliana Rancic sat down and opened up about her life post breast cancer. In October of 2011, Rancic announced on the 'Today Show' that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rancic initially went to the doctor in order to undergo in vitro fertilization after she and her husband Bill Rancic had several failed attempts to produce a baby on their own. Unfortunately for Rancic and her husband, the in vitro fertilization continued to fail. Rancic then went to a new doctor who strongly recommended a mammogram for Rancic, after which she was found to have early stage breast cancer.

This week Rancic shared her initial feelings in an interview with CBS about having breast cancer and the impact that it had on her personal life. Rancic revealed that at the beginning of her battle with breast cancer she was plagued with thoughts of how her reality was altered by the illness.

Now, two years after the diagnosis, Rancic says that she "[has] come to a really good place where [the breast cancer] doesn't take over [her] life." She reports that she is now seeking to empower and educate women about breast cancer.

This week Rancic spoke with Lauren Moraski, an interviewer for CBS News, to share her thoughts and experiences as a breast cancer survivor. Rancic shared her earlier experiences and thoughts that she previously had after first coming to the realization that she had breast cancer at the age of 36 despite having no family history.

After publicly revealing her cancer diagnosis, Rancic later reported that she had decided to undergo a double mastectomy. Rancic said that the decision to undergo the double mastectomy was a personal choice that she made in order to move forward with her life:

"Vanity is just not something that really exists in my life. I'm actually a very simple person, and I didn't care what I would look like. I just wanted to get the cancer out and I wanted to move on with my life."

Image via CBS News