Giuliana Rancic Is A 'Liar,' Says Kelly Osbourne

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Giuliana Rancic’s feud with Kelly Osbourne is not going to end soon but the Fashion Police host is not letting their issue affect her.

The feud started earlier this year when Rancic made comments about Zendaya Coleman’s dreadlocks. Osbourne exit the show afterwards. The said comments were edited according to Osbourne.

"I will never admit to liking Giuliana because I don't," Osbourne told The Wrap. "I don’t think she's a good person and I think she's a liar."

A source said Rancic does not understand why Osbourne keeps on spouting hurtful comments about her.

Recently, Osbourne found herself in an awkward position after making racist comments about Latinos. She made a joke about Latinos cleaning Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s toilet.

She was criticized by her co-hosts on The View and by netizens for the joke she made about Latinos. She said it was because of Rancic that she makes negative remarks lately.

Addressing the comments she made about Latinos, Osbourne said that she was not edited. She went on to say that it was not a "premeditated attack" and she would surely hate herself too if she watched it. She asked the people not to compare her to Rancic because she knows how to take responsibility for her actions and apparently Guiliana Rancic doesn't know how.

Rancic, on the other hand, is keeping her mouth shut about the issue. She does not think it is necessary to comment on former co-host’s negative remarks. "I’ve got to take the high road on this," she said.

An insider observed that Osbourne looks like she is bashing the Fashion Police host to get people’s attention away from the race-related joke she made recently.

The source says Rancic is happy and she has decided to ignore Osbourne’s "pathetic" remarks.

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