Giuliana Rancic Claims "Patchouli Oil And Weed" Joke Was Written By A Staff Writer

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Giuliana Rancic is now saying that, not she, but a staff writer for Fashion Police came up with the now famous joke that was made about Zendaya's dreads at the Oscars.

Everything on the Fashion Police set seemed really relaxed and spontaneous during the segment wherein Giuliana Rancic made her fateful joke. In fact, the joke almost seemed like an afterthought.

However, all things are not what they seem.

BIlly Bush of Access Hollywood did some investigating into the matter, and discovered that the joke was written long before the show even aired.

"That joke was a written joke, which means, a lot of people involved and nobody saw racism in this at all," he said.

The then added, "I don't think they would have put it on the air several hours later if there was."

It is really strange that no one caught that little quip and said, "Hey guys, this seems racist. Maybe we shouldn't do it."

Well, it's out there now, and Giuliana Rancic has apologized, but that didn't stop Kelly Osbourne from taking her ball and going home.

The purple-haired fashionista and Giuliana Rancic's former co-star on Fashion Police left the show on Friday amidst the backlash of Rancic's comments.

Even Zendaya took it better.

What do you think about this mess?

Do you think Giuliana Rancic should have taken the brunt of the backlash?

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