Girls of James Bond Timeline [Infographic]

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Have you recently found yourself wondering about all of the women super spy James Bond has encountered over the years? Wouldn't it be nice if all of that information had been compiled into a handy list accompanied by photos of the actresses in sexy attire? Your endless prayers to the Gods of Cinema have been answered in the form of the infographic you see embedded below. Presented in a handy timeline, each bond girl -- both good and bad -- has been listed next to the film from which they're associated. So exhaustive was the research that the ladies from the upcoming "Skyfall" were included, as well.

Before feasting your eyes on all of that exotic female flesh depicted below, have a look at some trivia surrounding the ladies of the Bond franchise. Some of it you may now, some of it may catch you completely by surprise. Either way, it's sure to kill a few minutes of your afternoon while you're waiting to close up shop for the day.

  • Most Bond girls are in their 30's, give or take a few years.
  • Vast majority of these female characters have double entendres for names.
  • Not all of the Bond girls were good. Some, in fact, were quite bad.
  • Molly Peters was the first Bond girl to appear nude in the franchise.
  • A film based on Michelle Yeoh's Bond girl was rumored but never came to fruition.

Now that you've been properly prepared, have a took at the graphic below.


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