Gina Rodriguez Makes Fan's Prom Dream Come True, Gives Her Golden Globes Dress

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Gina Rodriguez is an official fairy godmother.

In an amazing feat of sweetness, Gina Rodriguez is providing her gorgeous black, strapless Golden Globes dress for a fan's upcoming prom.

That is so awesome of Gina Rodriguez!

How did Gina Rodriguez's fan get this privilege?

She just had to ask...

Another fan then suggested a sisterhood of the traveling dress.

Of course, Gina Rodriguez was happy to oblige.

Gina Rodriguez has always been up for making women feel good about themselves, no matter what they look like, and she most definitely accomplished that with these girls!

Gina Rodriguez recently said, "I am constantly working toward bettering myself, and that means catering to what is best for my body. It means feeling the most comfortable in my skin and not living up to false perceptions of what that is, or that there is just one body type."

She added, "It's a long journey because of how often we are bombarded with images of supposed 'perfection' and we have to consistently be battling them. We have to remind ourselves that we are enough and 'perfect' is an illusion."

What do you think about Gina Rodriguez giving her gorgeous dress to these girls?

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