Gillian Anderson Coy About New X-Files Movie; Hints Long Delay

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X-files fans want to know if there are any more outings between Mulder and Scully left in the chamber. So when Anderson did a Reddit AMA recently, the question got fired out as dependably as asking Hillary Clinton if she’s running for President or asking Robert Plant if Led Zeppelin is getting back together.

But Anderson gave the question a feint.

"Uh….uh... uh... Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground,” was all she would say. But even that brought rounds of “I want to believe” responses.

A few days later, Anderson was at the New York Comic-Con, doing the usual X-files fan meet-and-greet sessions and panels. X-Files News got an exclusive interview with her and asked several questions about projects she’s worked on and where she's going next. Specifically, she was asked about playing Blanche Du Bois in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Anderson’s performances of Streetcar sold out a run at the famous Young Vic theatre in London, and were broadcast live worldwide by the National Theatre. Anderson was asked what she wanted to do next, what character she wanted to play after Blanche.

“I can’t really think about ’next’ yet because I don’t feel like I’m finished with Streetcar. I’m very interested in bringing it back in some capacity. And also, knowing myself and knowing that it’ll be another three years or so before I do something else, I’ve got some time to think about it.”

One thing that Anderson has done further with Streetcar is a film short with the Young Vic entitled The Departure. The short can be considered a prequel to the events of Streetcar.

The Departure imagines the circumstances leading up to Blanche arriving at her sister’s house in New Orleans,” explained Anderson, "a sort of prequel to Tennessee Williams’ great play. I am thrilled that, with the support of the Young Vic, [writer] Andrew [O’Hagan] and I have had the opportunity to delve further into the life of this iconic character and create something which can be seen by audiences across the globe.”

If Anderson is considering an extension of her time with Streetcar, plus promotion of her new novel “A Vision of Fire”, and a three-year hiatus to follow that, it could be a long time before Scully makes another appearance.

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