Gigi Hadid Has Two New Loves: Her New Kitten And (Possibly) Joe Jonas

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Gigi Hadid has adopted a new kitten, Cleo, and couldn't be happier.

In fact, Gigi Hadid did what any sane human being would do after the kitty's adoption.

Gigi Hadid created an Instagram account for the cat. Then, the internet collectively did the expected.

They followed the cat en masse.

Gigi Hadid's cat now has over 15,000 followers.

Me posting on Insta. Mom just holds the phone.

A photo posted by Cleo Hadid (@therealcleohadid) on

nap lyfe

A photo posted by Cleo Hadid (@therealcleohadid) on

On a post to her own account, Gigi Hadid explained her cat's scary past.

She said, "Last week she was found in a car engine, and today I adopted her."

Gigi Hadid has also reportedly been cuddling a cute human. Namely, Joe Jonas.

Gigi Hadid was spotted hugging sweetly on Jonas Saturday in Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, speculation that Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas were becoming an item was running wild.

A source told E! News, "Gigi and Joe are hanging out again romantically."

The source added, "They are taking things light and just enjoying each others' friendship. Gigi feels very comfortable with Joe and it's very easy to talk about everything that's going on in her life with him. He understands where she is at and they are not in any rush."

be back never.. mamma and I are about to binge-watch Bloodline.

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What do you think about a new relationship between Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas?

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