Gifts for her: 6 DIY Tasty Treats


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It is that time of year again. The time to show that special person just how much they mean to you.

Love is in the air, and you want to give this person something they truly love.

While it is perfectly acceptable to take the usual approach and buy your lady chocolates and flowers, you could also take a more unique approach and try one of these DIY ideas.

A touch of creativity, and her knowing you took the time to make it yourself, may just be the way into your woman's heart. Whether she likes sweets, or pizza, below is something she is sure to enjoy.

1. Heart Shaped Pizza


Who wouldn't love this adorable pizza? Use tortillas, or create your own pizza dough. Shape it into a heart, and add her favorite toppings. For complete instructions, click here.

2. Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies


Just add your special message and you are good to go. Complete instructions can be found here.

3. Jar of Love


Simple enough. Take an old mason jar and fill it full of pink and red candy corn (found at your local grocery). Add a sweet message like the one above: "It may be corny, but I love you."

4. DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Instead of spending $20 plus on chocolate covered strawberries, try making them yourself. For directions, click here.

5. Love Cakes: DIY Valentine's Day Pancakes


All you need is some cookie cutters to make these adorable Valentines Day pancakes. You can also add a heart shaped pancake to the XOs. Directions can be found here.

6. Red Velvet Cake


What woman doesn't like cake? To get started, purchase a red velvet cake mix (local grocery store should carry them). Since the cake is already red, all you have to do is add some white frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles.

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