Gift Baskets For The Music Lover

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When it comes to giving someone a gift basket, the one-fits-all approach usually isn't the best way to go. At least that's what a lot of experts on the subject say. So why not take the time to consider who you're actually giving a gift basket to, because giving someone a bunch of smelly cheeses or dried fruit for example may be a nice gesture, but what good is it if the person has no need for them and decides to give everything away?

So this holiday season try designing a gift basket according to one's specific interests and hobbies, like music. Below are some cool items to create the ultimate gift basket for the music lover and they all make great stocking-stuffers as well.

Ticket Stub Diary: Your average music lover typically heads to a lot of concerts and many of them keep the stubs. Why not give them something where they can keep a record of all the cool shows they've attended? Not only is this gift just $12 dollars on the site, the person who receives it will probably start using it right away.

Vintage Record Coasters: Imagine being able to set your drink on some of the most classic albums throughout history.That's what you can do with this particular gift, as the vintage record coasters can add style to any coffee table and keep it from getting a nasty ring stain all in one shot. Any true music lover will appreciate this one.

Guitar Pick Punch: It looks like a stapler, but it really converts one's old credit cards into guitar picks. Pretty cool, huh? No more heading to the music store for these tiny things each time they get lost and for just over $20, this music lover's gift shouldn't break the bank at all.

Headphone Earmuffs: Hey, it's freezing outside, right? At least in many parts of the country, so why not keep the music lover warm this winter, while still allowing him or her to rock out if they wish. These special headphones will allow a person to do just that and in most cases you'll be able to find styles for both men and women.

Miniature Speakers: Sure, mini-speakers come a dime a dozen these days but why not purchase some that are made of actual quality, but still don't cost an arm and a leg? The X-Mini speakers fit that description and for only $15.99 on Amazon you'll be giving someone good speakers for an inexpensive price.

Obviously, these are just some of the ideas you can go with when it comes to giving the music lover in your life a gift basket, plus, you'll most likely have to add other stuff as well. But even if the entire basket isn't all music related, at least you can stick some music stuff in there along with other items. Either way, you'll have to start putting your basket together soon, as the big gift-giving-day is just a little over a week away.

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