Giants Win The Super Bowl, Doritos Baby Wins Chips


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Commercials are the highlight of the Super Bowl; it's that comic relief from the unbearable tension of the high stakes football game. From naughty body painting commercials to talking heads sprouting from a body, this year's game had many hilarious and notable spots.

According to USA Today, advertising tracking website announced a line-up best commercials based on their data.

With many of the funniest spots making the list, the top spot, however, belongs to a very talented baby and his (or her) annoyed grandmother.

In the commercial a young boy proceeds to taunt the the grandma and innocent baby with a bag of Doritos from across the way in the safety of his club house. The grandmother, sick of the boy's dastardly teasing, decides to make use of the baby's bouncy swing. She then takes up the child, throws her power wheelchair in reverse and launches the baby across the yard. The whipper snapper nabs the bag from the hands of the surprised boy then returns safely to the porch to enjoy the snack with grandma.