Giada De Laurentiis Says Star Tabloid Cheating Claims are Bullsh-t

Mike TuttleLife

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Giada De Laurentiis seems to be pissed off. After the Star tabloid ran with a cover story about her recently-announced divorce in which they claimed it was the result of her cheating on her husband, De Laurentiis is firing back.

When Giada De Laurentiis and husband Todd Thompson announced on Facebook that they were amicably parting, RadarOnline and sister rag Star ran with a story claiming Giada has cheated on Todd with John Mayer, Matt Lauer, and Booby Flay. They also said that there were three men who knew dirt on De Laurenttis that they were going to go public with unless they received a payoff from her.

Now Gossip Cop, which seems to have a lot of fun poking holes in stories run by Star, has an exclusive statement straight from De Laurentiis.

"I have never ever been romantically involved with John Mayer. I met him twice at least 5 or 6 years ago at public events along with hundreds of other people.The small amount of face time with John was in rooms filled with other attendees at these events. I have not seen or even heard from him since.The allegation of an affair was a fabrication back in 2010 and remains so today.

"My long-time friendships with my co-workers Matt Lauer and Bobby Flay are exactly that -- long-time friendships.There has never been a romantic relationship with these two men."

Star printed that De Laurentiis had an “outburst” at The Standard hotel in New York on December 10 because someone was leaking information about her to the press. De Laurentiis begs to differ.

“I was not at the Standard Hotel on December 10th. I was on an early morning flight back to Los Angeles, and I have not stayed at the Standard Hotel for at least the last few years.”

As for the three men supposedly seeking hush money, she says:

“This is a complete fabrication. There are no men out there making any such claims, and I have never been contacted by anyone.​”