GetGlue Integrates March Madness, Television Check-Ins

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If you're not in tune with the social media aspect of the Internet, you must be an Internet noob, or someone who consciously ignores the omnipresent set of activities, including things like tweeting, sharing and checking in. While the third activity is not on the adoption level as Facebook and Twitter, it's impossible to ignore the popularity of utilities like FourSquare and GetGlue.

People like to broadcast their activities. Whether they are at their local watering hole or watching a popular movie everybody's dying to see, the vanity aspect of "hey, look at me, I'm watching Hunger Games" is clearly too enticing to deny. As indicated, GetGlue is one of these check-in services, and they are currently featuring an integration of their service with the NCAA Tournament, giving users another targeted platform to share their March Madness viewing experiences with.

To offer a more robust service, GetGlue is partnering with CBS Sports and Turner Sports, and they feature achievement stickers which are unlocked when successful check-ins are completed.

According to Maya Harris of GetGlue, the integrated service for live sporting events is only natural when you consider the amount of social media activity related to these kinds of tent-pole activities. Naturally, sports facilitates this activity because most sports fans like to interact with other fans, be it via trash-talking or sharing joy from an unexpected victory.

Harris reveals the popularity of GetGlue and their March Madness integration has been 15 times their normal amount, which only supports the popularity of check-in activities. When you consider the popularity of sports, and the passion with which fans embrace their teams, coupled with the social networking aspect of the Internet, the pairing of check-ins with sporting events only makes sense. This also extends to the television viewers, who would be more apt to respond to interaction as it is. It's a little harder to carry on a social media discussion while you're attending a highly-contested sporting event in person.

Plus, as the Xbox nation as so completely demonstrated, we do like it when we unlock achievements, be it check-in stickers or video game trophies.

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