Get Up Close And Personal With The Blackberry Z10

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RIM's last chance to save itself is almost upon us. BlackBerry 10 and its accompanying handsets will launch on January 30. That being said, not a lot of people have had a chance to see the new handsets in action. Now they can thanks to a vide from TelekomPresse.

TelekomPresse, a German Web site, uploaded a video today that features the BlackBerry Z10, RIM's all-touch smartphone. The entire video is in German, but you can get a good look at the phone and its features by watching it.

The BlackBerry Z10 in the video looks just like the Z10 that we've already seen before in leaked photos from the developer beta. The only real difference is that the handset looks much smaller in video than it does in the photos. As many commenters on the video point out, it could just be the presenter has large hands.

Besides not understanding the German, did the video inspire you to switch back to BlackBerry once it launches? That's going to be RIM's greatest challenge moving forward because the enterprise market can't carry it alone anymore. It has to capture at least some part of the consumer market that's currently enamored with iPhones and Android devices. RIM will also have to deal with a reinvigorated Windows Phone brand that's doing much better than expected thanks to increased demand for Nokia's Lumia 920.

[h/t: BGR]