German Groom Forgets Bride at Gas Station

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A forgetful Berlin man drove off from a gas station, leaving his new bride stranded for over 5 hours, not realizing she was no longer in the back of his minivan.

The unnamed groom drove roughly 125 miles, before beginning to ask himself where his new wife might be. The bride, still in her wedding gown, wasn't carrying a cell phone, and was stranded by the side of the Autobahn.

When the groom stopped for gas, he didn't realize his wife, who'd been sleeping in the back of their minivan, had gotten up to use the facilities. He'd figured that she maybe moved to the back row as he started driving. When he finally realized she was missing, he contacted the police. As if she were somehow stolen while they were moving down the highway.

The 33-year-old bride commented, "My first reaction was, is he stupid?" Her Germanic sense of logic must have quelled any sense of nervousness about the possibility of an advanced form of alter-leaving.

The stupid, lucky man was able to reunite with his wife, who wasn't even mad. "I'm not angry with my husband," she said. "He didn't mean it." Perhaps she realized what she was getting into upon marrying the guy.

Obviously, worse romance-mishaps have occurred. On July 7, Jordan Linn Graham of Missoula, Montana, pushed her husband of a week off a cliff to his death, after a lover's spat in a national park. Allegedly, during an argument, newlywed Cody Johnson grabbed her arm, so she shoved him. Suspiciously, Graham had texted a friend that she was having "second thoughts" about Johnson on the day he died. Graham just pleaded not guilty to murder.

On a lighter note of romantic cliff-pushings, this boyfriend shoves his girlfriend off of a ledge, but she's wearing a harness, of course:

She also applied Germanic logic in her reaction.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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