George Lopez: Comedian Sees Humor In Arrest

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Comedian George Lopez had a little too much fun on Thursday night for his own good.

TMZ reports that the 52-year-old comedic actor was taken into custody for public drunkenness at the Caesars Windsor, a casino in Ontario, Canada.

Security for the casino found Lopez napping on the casino bar's floor and then called in the local law enforcement to get him. The comedian who'd been sleeping so soundly would have to get his beauty sleep downtown.

Before anyone feels too bad for Lopez, no charges are said to have been filed. Law enforcement officials stated that they only snagged Lopez to allow him a place to safely sober up before letting him go. You know, sort of thing that should be done in bed and not on the floors of public businesses.

Never shy about naming and shaming, TMZ actually posted a photo of the inebriated comedian. In the image, Lopez is comfortably snoozing on his side. Not to kick a drunk man while he's down, but I have to say that fuzzy photo suggests that casino patrons saw more of Lopez than they probably ever really wanted.


Lopez no doubt felt a little sheepish about the news getting out. Ever the funny man, Lopez did put a humorous spin on the whole thing:

“Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor.”

There are likely no hard feelings from the Windsor as he is scheduled to perform there again. For future visits, it's likely the staff will just insist Lopez sleep off the booze in his room, where his butt crack and saggy belly are far away from the sensitive eyes of paying customers.

With a show premiering March 6th called Saint George, some may wonder if this event might bring negative publicity.

While the display was certainly embarrassing, Lopez at least opted to sleep the alcohol off...albeit on the casino floor. Too many celebrities have have made the news after endangering themselves and others by driving while intoxicated.

Images via Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

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