George Clooney Stars, Jodie Foster Directs 'Money Monster'

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Clooney is set to star in a film called Money Monster that will be directed by Jodie Foster. The film will follow a TV show host named Lee Gates (played by Clooney) who gets taken hostage by a gunman while on the air and is forced to reveal high-stakes secrets to his audience (that increases quickly as the plot ensues) in order to survive.

Jodie Foster most recently directed an episode of the Netflix political thriller House of Cards. This isn't the first film she has directed either. In fact she has three movies under her belt, including 2011’s The Beaver starring Mel Gibson and Jennifer Lawrence. She scored an Emmy nod in 2013 for directing an episode of Orange Is the New Black. This will be her first time directing George Clooney, however, and the combination of this actor and that director is intriguing.

George Clooney is, of course, preparing for his upcoming marriage to Amal Alamuddin. Now that tabloid rumors about her family being against the marriage have decreased significantly, it is hopeful that Hollywood's long-running bachelor is living in reasonable peace.

Of course when one is an actor with the appeal of George Clooney, that means finding alluring roles. And this one in Money Monster sounds like it's right up his alley. It sounds like others feel he's perfect for the role, too.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to start our Money Monster adventure alongside such a talented and passionate team,” Jodie Foster said during a recent interview. “[Chairman] Tom Rothman and TriStar really get the movie and are the best cheerleaders our filmmaking team could hope for.”

TriStar Productions has gained the rights to Money Monster, and is set to start filming in 2015. George Clooney will be a married man by then.

“It is impossible to resist saying that we at TriStar hit the talent jackpot today. We are deeply grateful to all the exceptional people involved. There is no one in the business whose talent, dedication and intelligence, I respect more than Jodie Foster,” TriStar Productions Chairman Tom Rothman said. “And, as the bonus coupon on this blue chip investment, we get to enjoy George Clooney in a tour de force acting part. I have no doubt that his collaboration with Jodie will produce an iconic and cool film.”

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