George Clooney: Married to Ellen DeGeneres for Halloween

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George Clooney likely had no idea that on Halloween he would be married to Ellen DeGeneres. The holiday has long been a favorite of DeGeneres' and she goes all out each year with pranks and creepy things on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her biggest pleasure, however, is her annual Halloween costume, which receives much regalia as it is unveiled on air each year.

"Amal, the luckiest woman in the world, Mrs. George Clooney," Ellen said on Friday's show. Her costume was replete with a long brunette wig, a People magazine cover, and a puppet of George Clooney.

"I like Halloween because it’s the one time of year you can dress up however you want, and pretend you’re someone you’d never be in real life. For me, that’s married to a man," Ellen DeGeneres said to her roaring audience.

Ellen DeGeneres was especially clever with this year's Halloween costume. Her creativity actually required that she play the roles of both Amal Aladmuddin Clooney and George Clooney, too.

"Her left arm was actually the actor's right, with the two of them firmly holding hands. Things went pretty smoothly, though George got a little handsy from time to time. He is a newlywed, though," TheWrap writes.

In her pre-George Clooney years, Ellen DeGeneres has portrayed Nicki Minaj with ample cleavage, Sofia Vergara with her split dress, Jennifer Lopez, and even Dr. Phil. This year's People cover of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding wasn't completely original. In 2009 Ellen dressed up as her own cover of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine.

Sadly George Clooney wasn't on hand to watch Ellen portray him on Halloween, but he will no doubt see his stuffed puppet version, along with Ellen DeGeneres dressed as Amal. Photos are likely circulating all over the internet and on social media, too.

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