GeoResonance Co. May Have Found Malaysian Plane

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CBS News is reporting that an Australian company may be onto something in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

GeoResonance, a company with proprietary search techniques that aids in the hunt for specific minerals or materials, says it has found what appears to be a commercial aircraft. However, it is thousands of miles from where everyone else has been searching, in the northern Bay of Bengal, off the eastern coast of India.

GeoResonance bills itself as a "company that offers a unique and proven method of geophysical survey." They use a methodology that combines proprietary technology with the experience of engineers adept at finding mineral deposits for mining purposes. They have also participated in the hunt for shipwrecks and other sea-floor items.

Their website claims that, "[Our] technology has also been used to successfully identify WWII munitions that later led to the recovery of explosives left buried under layers of silt in the coastal Black Sea."

GeoResonance used their usual methodology, aiming to find the "ingredients" that make up the missing airliner.

"During the search for MH370, GeoResonance searched for chemical elements that make up a Boeing 777: aluminum, titanium, copper, steel alloys, jet fuel residue, and several other substances. The aim was to find a location where all those elements were present," the company's statement said.

Their search has revealed an item that seems to be composed of many of the constituent parts that make up an airliner.

The company had scans of the area in question from dates in the recent past, and could determine that what they found had not been there prior to March 5. Flight 370 went missing on March 8.

If GeoResonance turns out to be right, this could be the first big break in this long-running saga. But is would certainly also mean that investigators have been chasing the wrong leads for weeks.

Some experts are dismissing GeoResonance's claims, saying that they don't know how the company could have equipment that could penetrate that much water to get an image like they have. GeoResonance says their methodology is proprietary and that they will not discuss specifics about it. But they have urged the Malaysian government to investigate the area in question for over two weeks, to no avail.

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