Gears of War: Judgment Will Come With a Free Copy of Gears of War


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Though it seems as if Gears of War 3 was just released, we're now less than two months away from the March 19 launch of Gears of War: Judgment.

Today, Epic announced that launch copies of the upcoming prequel will include Games on Demand "tokens" for the original Gears of War. Epic claims that half of the people who played Gears of War 3 had never played the original game.

Accompanying the announcement is a new trailer for Judgment. Though previous videos have focused on what's new in Gears multiplayer (some interesting stuff, it turns out), this one explains in detail what gamers can expect from the campaign.

So, what does the Judgment campaign hold in store for Gears fans? More Gears action, of course. Sure, there are some new weapons, enemies, and a new dynamic enemy spawn system, but the action and settings are undeniably familiar. The most notable thing the trailer does is remind gamers that, for better or worse, Baird's voice will be heard prominently throughout the game.