Gayle King Gives Us A Look At Super Bowl With The Obamas

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Gayle King got an opportunity to sit down with the First Couple at the White House, a day before the much-anticipated Super Bowl 50.

The annual pre-game interview is part of CBS’ four-hour pre-game coverage of this year’s Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. Gayle King, who is the co-anchor of CBS This Morning and editor-at-large of Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine, kicked off the chat by asking the First Couple what they’re doing for their last Super Bowl at the White House.

Mrs. Obama revealed that she has been busy making preparations for the game, “cooking all day” and working the barbecue.

President Obama added that their Super Bowl traditions aren’t any different from most American families, in which they snack on “your basic wings, pizza, nachos, guac.” He also said that they have “a little vegetable tray that nobody touches,” to which Mrs. Obama responded, “We’re going to have two types of salads.”

The First Lady also shared the three different ways that the Obamas approach the Super Bowl.

Gayle King Talks to the Obamas About the Super Bowl

"We have sort of three ways that we do the Super Bowl. We have the serious watchers. And that's the treaty room. If you're in that room, you're watching the game," said Mrs. Obama to Gayle King. "Then there's the outside room where the kids are, where they're kind of fooling around. They're by the food."

The last room called the “champagne room” is where Mrs. Obama’s mother stays as well as people who “really don't know what's going” but wish to stay close to the wine.

Afterwards, Gayle King had them play a game called “POTUS/FLOTUS,” in which they both had to complete various sentences about each other.

They also reminisced about their first date, after Gayle King mentioned a film called Southside With You, which aimed to recount the First Couple’s love story. King teased President Obama by asking, “"You got a second date after driving that car?" – referring to his old beat-up car that he used to pick up Mrs. Obama back in the day.

"'Cause I'm so smooth," joked the president. Naturally, Mrs. Obama had a witty comeback: "I thought -- 'Imma upgrade this brother.'"

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