Gavin Rossdale Spends Quality Time With Boys, Keeps His Wedding Ring On

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Gavin Rossdale was spotted having some quality time with his three boys over the weekend, and a sharp-eyed photographer noticed that he's still wearing his wedding ring.

The Bush frontman and former paramour of Gwen Stefani has said in the past that wearing the ring makes his kids feel better, and he wore it proudly at an Easter egg hunt in L.A. on Sunday.

"All Gavin is concerned about right now is protecting his kids. He is a fantastic father and his kids have been going through a hard time," a source told E! News.

Rossdale told People last year that he loves how close his boys are with one another and says they've become protective of each other recently.

“The boys interact so well, and they truly love each other. They are so sweet and protective of each other, and they have little dance parties," Gavin said.

Gavin and Gwen filed for divorce last summer, shocking fans with a statement saying they intended to end their 13-year marriage but would commit to co-parenting their boys. Stories soon flooded the Web regarding Rossdale and a scandalous affair with one of the couple's nannies, which Gwen allegedly discovered via intimate photos that had been sent to their iCloud account. Soon after, Stefani began dating her Voice co-star Blake Shelton, and while Rossdale has been photographed out and about with female friends, it's unclear whether he's seeing anyone.

While Gavin Rossdale hasn't spoken much about the affair or his split from Stefani, she's opened up a couple of times about what it felt like to carry around the weight of such a huge secret before the news dropped, saying she felt "embarrassed".

"I had no skin, it was so raw, you know what I mean? And nobody knew what was happening and I had this big secret. During that time period, I felt like, I was down all the way. Like you don’t go down lower than that. It was rock bottom. I was so embarrassed, you know what I mean? I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t. I have to turn this into something. I can’t go down like this. Like, if I can do music, then maybe just everything will be OK,'" Stefani said.

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