Gas Prices: Lower Cost Means More Travelers on the Road This Weekend

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Gas prices, while still relatively high, are a bit lower than they have been over the past few months. This could result in more people are filling up the family car and heading out for fun, adventures, and sunburns over Memorial Day Weekend. According to AAA, the average gas price in the United States if $3.67, which, when compared to where it has been, is not too shabby, especially for prospective travelers.

All of this handy information was compiled by the folks who put together the IBM Social Sentiment Index, which aggregates information culled from various social networking sites, including message boards, tweets, and blogs. Apparently all of the chatter indicates that people are ready to hit the road this weekend. This, of course, is definitely a good thing, as it helps dump some much needed money into the economy.

Those of you living on the West Coast are probably shaking your heads right about now, and that's understandable. Prices on that side of the country at still hovering around $4.22, though analysts seem to think that costs will drop toward the lower end of the spectrum throughout the summer. It's a good start, though it's still not fantastic.

However, despite all of this talk about lower prices and extensive travel over the holiday weekend, people on Twitter are still feeling the pinch at the gas pumps. In fact, the way some of them talk, you'd think all of this hoopla over lower prices was just an elaborate rouse to get you out of the house with wallet and credit card in-hand. And if you listen to the boys and girls over at Fox News, the lower prices are the sign of an impending economic crisis. It would seem those people are never happy. Check out some gas-related Tweets below.

Be thankful for Facebook, the way gas prices are headed we may never actually see each other again.
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Gas & Condoms prices went up for Memorial day weekend.
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Why are gas prices falling elsewhere but rising in Vancouver?
9 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto
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My grandma saw the gas prices and was like "wow! Gas is so cheap!!" #caliprobs
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@edshow So its safe to assume that when the gas prices where going up a month ago the economy was doing great, right? #WhatIsFoxSmoking? SMH
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