Gangnam Style Flip Book Is Cool Enough to Overcome Fact That It's About Gangnam Style

Josh WolfordLife

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I don't know if Gangnam Style is completely dead yet. I'm not even going to comment on whether or not it should be. I don't care if PSY said some anti-American crap one time. I also don't care that this song is going to be stuck in my head for a day or two now.

Basically, this is really cool and probably took forever to construct - so it deserves a look. It's multiple flip books, strung together to recreate the video for Gangnam Style, frame by frame. Creator of the video, YouTube user etoilec1, suggests that you watch the original video first so that you'll have some reference. I don't think that's necessary. Everyone's seen that video enough to know that this flip book nailed it.

Josh Wolford
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