Gamers Have Pledged Over $100 Million To Games On Kickstarter


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It's no secret that games are popular on Kickstarter. Games of both the video and tabletop variety have taken to Kickstarter to seek funding for their insanely creative ideas. After a stellar 2012, and a promising 2013 ahead of us, Kickstarter has shared that the games category has reached a new high on the crowdfunding site.

Kickstarter announced that games have pulled in over $100 million over the past four years. All that money was supplied by 633,242 gamers as they pledged support to 1,476 successful projects. 2012 was the banner year for gaming on Kickstarter as the company says nearly 1,000 projects were submitted last year as many developers and game makers tried to emulate the success of the Double Fine Adventure.

Speaking of Double Fine Adventure, that particular project really kicked off the frenzy of gamers throwing money at games they wanted to see become reality. Gamers broke $1 million in total funds pledged in 2011 with $3.8 million pledged over the course of the year, but the year of the Double Fine Adventure saw that number skyrocket with gamers pledging a total of $83.1 million over the course of the year.

This year is looking even better for gamers as gaming projects have already raised over $22.4 million in the first three months of the year alone. If it keeps at this pace, games could easily break $100 million this year alone.

Kickstarter will be at PAX East this weekend with the Kickstarter Arcade showing off video and board games that have been successfully funded and brought to fruition thanks to the crowdfunding platform. Some of the games at the event will include God of Blades, Strike Suit Zero and Cards Against Humanity.