Game Of Thrones Invaded By My Little Pony

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The hotly anticipated second season of Game of Thrones premiers tonight on HBO. Fans have come to expect big things from the series, but what if this season was slightly off? What if George R. R. Martin's universe was invaded by ponies?

As you all know, "Game of Thrones" is an epic fantasy that is sometimes dark and sometimes violent, but it's always entertaining. It's highly regarded as one of the best fantasy universes ever created and fans the world over are captivated by the political intrigue and characters that make up R. R. Martin's universe.

Then you have "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," the 2010 reboot of the Hasbro brand that has created a similarly large fanbase of grown men called bronies. They love the series for its slick animation, ageless appeal and sometimes off the wall humor.

YouTube user adecoy95 has decided to mash up the two properties in a fitting tribute to both. He "ponifies" the Game of Thrones opening into a video that is 20 percent cooler than all the rest. Your mileage may vary as the sight of replacing characters from "Game of Thrones" may send you into fits, but I think the majority of nerds can appreciate it. For those that find mash up offensive to their nerd cred, check out today's Foxtrot comic. It's written just for those who would kill if Game of Thrones ever came under the rule of ponies.

This isn't the first time, however, that fantasy and My Little Pony have been mashed up to stellar results. Here's some of our favorites:

[h/t: buzzfeed]

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