Game of Thrones' Casting Change-Someone Becomes a Series Regular


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Fans cannot wait for Game of Thrones to start its fourth season on April 6, but luckily HBO plans to-slightly-ease the pain of waiting. Tomorrow night they’ll air a Game of Thrones 15-minute special that includes behind the scenes footage, a look-back at seasons 1-3, and some scenes from season 4. This special premieres right before a new episode of True Detective at 8:45pm ET.

Additionally, as the season gets closer to its premiere date, more and more casting news becomes available. Recently, EW announced that Nathalie Emmanuel was promoted from recurring character to series regular.

Emmanuel’s character, Missandei, is described as “a former slave with a gift for languages.” Skills she uses as Daenerys’ translator. Missandei’s role in Daenerys’ life becomes greater in season 4 of Game of Thrones; she becomes her confidant and trusted advisor. As Game of Thrones fans saw last season, the two women began their friendship because of Missandei’s language abilities, but their bond is more complex. Daenerys’ sees herself in Missandei. They’re both young women who have more potential than people believe, and they both faced forms of oppression because of their gender.

If Game of Thrones is renewed for a fifth season, Emmanuel will keep her series regular status, which basically confirms to fans of the TV series only that her character won’t die anytime soon. Emmanuel also will appear in Fast and Furious 7 as a character named Megan. The movie hasn’t begun filming yet, so not much is known about her character beside it being a new one to the franchise.

Emmanuel took to Twitter to emphasize her enthusiasm about the casting news.

She is one of several characters who were promoted this season. Michiel Huisman who plays Daario Naharis will be promoted to series regular if the show is renewed for a fifth season.

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