Galaxy S III Mini Rumored For Fall Announcement

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Have we come this far? Have Android smartphones become so big that customers are now demanding smaller versions of manufacturers' flagship Android devices? Or, does Samsung so truly believe that Apple is right about everything design that it takes Apple's contention that 4" is the new perfect size for a smartphone as gospel?

According to a Mobiflip report, invitations to a press event Samsung has mailed to the German tech press this week intimate that "something small will be really big" or that attendees should be "ready for a little sensation." The invitation also hints that the product is related to Samsung's Galaxy S lineup of phones. If you look closely, you can see the tell-tale "S" symbol that Samsung uses for its Galaxy S products. The invitation is for a Samsung announcement on October 11th in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mobiflip speculates that the announcement will be for a "mini" version of Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone. This makes a certain amount of sense, as Samsung has recently been marketing the Galaxy S III as the "next big thing" that's "already here." The question is, who will the company will be marketing a smaller smartphone to?

Boy Genius Report states the rumor that the Galaxy S III Mini will have a 4-inch screen - the exact same size as the newly released iPhone 5. After all the patent lawsuits and the $1 billion court case Samsung lost recently, is the Korean company still looking to Apple for design advice? Has Samsung heard complaints about the size of the Galaxy S III, which isn't even the company's largest smartphone? Hopefully a few answers will be presented on October 11th.

(Image courtesy Mobiflip)