Galatic Dance Off On Star Wars Kinect Is Laughable

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Yes, I realize the upcoming Star Wars Kinect is going to give us geeks a chance to see Slave Leia dance, but after watching the upcoming trailer for the game, which features a heavy dose of the Galatic Dance Off session, it's clear LucasArts was, in no way, trying to titillate the potential consumers.

It was almost like a bait and switch: "Hey fanboys, come for the dancing Slave Leia and stay for the other silly stuff we crammed into this title."

Granted, Star Wars Kinect offers much more than a Star Wars-themed DDR session, but that's the portion that's getting the most scrutiny. As you can see in the gameplay trailer, using the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral as the primary controller is the focus of this game, and from the looks of it, you can pilot a pod racer, as well as test your lightsaber skills. All of that, however, pales when compared to the Dance-Dance Revolution portion of Star Wars Kinect.

Check it out for yourself. We're going have the embed start at its normal time, but if you're interested in skipping the pod races and the lightsaber battles, the Galatic Dance Off starts at the 1:30 mark:

It seems the public's reaction was much like Geekosystem's. That is, they didn't much like it; something the 511 dislikes versus the 96 likes indicates quite clearly. While watching Imperial Stormtroopers dance to a remixed version of YMCA is painful enough, watching the kids in the video trying to keep up with the on-screen dancers is even more disheartening.

It's almost as if they were being forced to play the game against their will. Their enthusiasm while playing the Galatic Dance Off portion was lacking, but then again, dancing in time with Imperial Stormtroopers may not be their idea of a good time.

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