Gabrielle Union Wedding: Is Confidentiality Agreement Going Too Far?


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If you happen to be attending the wedding of Gabrielle Union and her soon-to-be husband Dwyane Wade, don’t plan on uploading your thoughts on (or pictures of) the wedding to your social media account!

TMZ reports that the celebrity couple have demanded that everyone who will be in attendance on the big day sign a confidentiality agreement.

The friends, family members, and famous attendees all must put it in writing their intent to keep mum on everything and anything that happens during the wedding.

Guests must present a Photo ID in order to be let in and they have been told to leave all cameras and phones at home.

If anyone steps outside the guidelines laid down by the 41-year-old actress and her 32-year-old Miami Heat basketball star husband, there WILL be consequences.

TMZ said that violators will be forced to pay out a “hefty cash fine for unspecified damages”.


Why all the secrecy?

Well there are a couple of theories floating around.

First is the simple fact that Union and Wade would like to avoid any additional controversy or scandal.

It is known that Wade impregnated a woman while he and Union were “on a break”.

While you’d think that people would have the decency to not bring this up during the wedding, perhaps the couple is taking all necessary precautions to ensure their dignity and happiness remain intact.

Another theory, one that makes the most sense, is that the couple themselves will be responsible for sharing any and all images and videos on the internet and in print.

With no one else having access to images and video from the wedding, the happy couple can sell the exclusive material to highest bidder themselves.

That would certainly explain why guests who violate the confidentiality agreement would be forced to pay Union and Wade a whole lot of money.

One final thought, one that has nothing to do with scandals or profit, is simply that the celebrity couple would like nothing better than a private and beautiful moment together without having to worry about the press.

What do YOU think is the reason for the confidentiality agreement? Is the couple going too far in treating their wedding guests this way? Comment below!