Funny or Die Takes on Tom Brady's Accent

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Tom Brady may play football in New England, but that doesn't mean he sounds like he's from Boston, a town famous for its use of the northern cities vowel shift. Considering he's from California, there's a good reason why Brady doesn't sound like he's from Boston, but don't tell that to outsiders who like to make fun of the Boston accent.

But what happens when you push Brady too far? Will he snap and curse you out? Apparently, Under Armor wondered the same thing because while this video is indeed funny, it's also a viral marketing attempt by one of Brady's sponsors. The question is, does something like this make you want to go out and buy Under Armor gear when your son suits up for Pop Warner football this fall?

Because, ultimately, that's the goal.

In other news, I'd pay real money to watch Tom Brady go off on a ignorant store clerk, especially without all the marketing trappings going on in the background.

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