Fujitsu's Smart Dog Collar Lets You Obsess Over Your Pet's Health

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Are you the sort of "pet parent" who worries about every sneeze, shiver, and cough that comes out of your furry companion's tiny little body? If so, Fujitsu's latest technological contraption may help soothe your endlessly jangled nerves. Or, alternatively, it might cause you to obsess over the smallest details of your dog's lifestyle to the point that it controls your life. Either way, you'll have all sorts of information at your fingertips.

The collar, which uses cloud-based technology to help you keep track of all that important doggy data, will give you access to a wide variety of information. Want to know how many steps your dog has taken today? It's right there. How many times did the poor little thing shiver last night during that unusually fierce thunderstorm? You can track that, as well. The collar, which can be worn 24 hours a day, collects and stores all of his helpful data, which you can then upload to your Android phone or computer. What does all of this information mean, precisely? Well, you can keep an eye on any changes in your dog's overall well-being, allowing you to catch problems before they become serious issues.

The only thing missing from the device is a GPS tracking system, though Fujitsu's collar can be supplemented with other gadgets that are currently on the market to correct this particular oversight. Before you know it, you'll have a pet that's part machine and part animal, with nearly every aspect of their lives documented, processed, and uploaded for your own personal satisfaction. So the next time your doggy gets a cough, strap on the Fujitsu dog collar and track just how severe these conditions might be.

Going to be in the Tokyo area on Thursday and Friday? According to the folks at Ubergizmo, the aforementioned collar will be on-display this Thursday and Friday for you to check out.