Fugitive Incriminating Himself on Facebook Arrested

In the latest incident of a felon incriminating himself on Facebook, Travis A. Nicolaysen, small-time fugitive, has been amassing evidence prosecutors can likely use against him via his Facebook wall....
Fugitive Incriminating Himself on Facebook Arrested
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  • In the latest incident of a felon incriminating himself on Facebook, Travis A. Nicolaysen, small-time fugitive, has been amassing evidence prosecutors can likely use against him via his Facebook wall. The Port Angeles, Washington area man, who lists his career as being “boss,” at “da game,” has been taunting police while on the lam, with comments like “Ya got away thanks bro,” in response to wall posts from his Facebook friends like “Cops all over you,” and, “Lol u better be careful man.”

    Tanya Newell, assumed to be Nicolaysen’s cousin, added, “Hey cousin. Just saw ur crazy ass on kiro 7. The kids said ‘o no look its uncle travis.’ Haha wtf right. They r making u out to be some super criminal. Sad u wuldnt hurt a damn fly. And they chose to use ur mohawk pic. Anyways stay safe trav. we miss you. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Give em hell kid.” On the contrary, Travis would hurt a damn fly. He is wanted for failing to check in with his parole officer, along with seriously injuring his girlfriend during an assault in March.

    Below is a snapshot of Nicolayen’s still-active wall, a testament to many of the wonders of the institution of modern fame:

    travis nicolaysen facebook

    One friend wishes Travis “good pimpin’,” while his mother writes that she’s worried out of her mind. Cousin Tanya chimes in, explaining how someone named Akoda was excited about the impending “fame” afforded by the presence of news crews reporting on this “un-news.”

    Travis appears to be staying off of Facebook while everyone else just logs new evidence on his wall, and his “about me” segment reads that he’s “tryin to take life more serious never half stepin in life full of love.” He also likes photography, and one of his favorite books is “The Art of Seduction.” Interestingly, under his “boss” postion in his employers tab, he writes “no snitches.” I wonder if he is aware that many of the posts on his wall he keeps up will likely fall into the category of “snitching” sometime soon.

    Port Angeles Police Deputy Chief Brian Smith stated to The Daily Beast, “This guy hasn’t talked openly in over a week – That doesn’t mean he’s not talking to his friends in a way he thinks we can’t see. What people don’t realize is every form of communication—email, Facebook—they all leave something behind.” Still, surely Nicolaysen is fully aware of all the publicity he is received, and unless he’s hiding in a forest, it’s not difficult at all to find a place to log in to ones Facebook. Researchers at the University of Kentucky and Western Illinois University have theorized that a narcissistic need for attention might supercede a fear of harm or incarceration. Christopher Carpenter of Western Illinois University states, “Perhaps it’s more important to get the attention and respect they crave than the risk of being captured – And what better outlet than Facebook?” Kentucky psychology professor Nathan DeWall concludes that “Facebook users who amass inordinate amounts of friends and post ad nauseam updates about themselves tend to show streaks of narcissism.” Well, this seems obvious. And it is apparent that law enforcement especially dislikes being taunted by fugitives in a public forum.

    As of now, Nicolaysen’s Facebook page is up and fully open, though his account is unable to process anymore friend requests for the time being. It would appear that the fugitive didn’t even bother with the social network’s somewhat complicated privacy measures. Still, perhaps with images of Reservoir Dogs posters and the romantical notions of crime conjured in song by bajillionaire Lil’ Wayne running through his mind, Nicolaysen continues to elude police, maybe not realizing how quick the foray was over in a somewhat similar case, with the so-called Barefoot Bandit.

    As and update, it’s been reported that Nicolaysen was arrested Monday in a Port Angeles home without incident.

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