Free DLC Track Released For 'Forza 5'

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Forza Motorsport 5 was one of the most popular launch exclusives for the Xbox One, but was not without its critics. At launch the game was filthy with in-your-face microtransactions, offering elite vehicle unlocks for upwards of $100. Turn 10 Studios has since taken a do-over on the Forza 5 economy, though the game still sports less expensive microtransaction unlocks.

The game also sports some pretty funny crowd graphics.

For all its flaws, though, Forza 5 is still one of the only Xbox One games to run at 60 fps in a 1080p resolution, making it a clear contender for early Xbox One adopters' dollars. Now Microsoft is sweetening the deal with a little more content - and for free.

Microsoft today released a new, free DLC track for Forza 5. The track is based on the famous Road America in Wisconsin. The track will be automatically added to career events and will feature alternate ribbons.

Of course, Microsoft isn't giving away everything Forza 5-related today. Along with the free track the publisher is also offering a "Road America Booster Pack" featuring five new cars free only to those who are members of the game's "Car Pass."

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