Free Credit Report From Target: How Do You Get One?


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After Target's major data breach, this holiday season has filled many of their customers with worry and fear.In turn,this causes major problems for Target Corp,especially in the form of lawsuits and steadily losing customers.Target now is trying to make amends for this huge error by offering a 10% discount for all purchases over the previous weekend.It is also offering free credit reports.

Annually,the government is required to provide a free credit report to anyone that seeks it.They are provided by one of the three major credit unions, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

In their press statement,Target suggests that customers check  their credit and debt card statement  for unusual charges.If they see them,they're advised to call their credit card company or bank.Next,contact Target at 866-852-8680.Then, if  the customer wants to see how their credit has been affected by this breach,they go to the official credit report site,,to request a credit report.As the above tweet says, is the only government mandated site for free credit reports.The number designated to this site is 877-322-8228.There is also have the option to mail in a credit report request form via the postal service. 

NBC Washington encourages a credit report requester to use the Annual Credit Report site instead of contacting each company individually, because all three only provide it free through that site.

In the same statement,Target's CEO Gregg Steinhafel says,"For extra assurance,we will offer free credit monitoring services for everyone impacted.We’ll be in touch with you soon on how and where to access the service."So there is a good chance, they're developing a program specifically for Target shoppers affected by this breach.This may sooth some of the complaints that Target Corp is not doing enough to make up for their mistake.

Image via, Twitter