Free Coffee Is McDonald's Response To Taco Bell Jab


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If you didn't know, fast food chain Taco Bell just recently launched their breakfast menu, featuring waffle tacos, breakfast crunch wraps, etc.

Taco Bell had no interest in timidly tiptoeing into the ongoing fast food breakfast wars.

Instead they opted to fire a warning shot at a major rival: McDonald's.

The fast food chain found actual men named Ronald McDonald and then had them sample the new Taco Bell breakfast menu.

Not to be mistaken with this Ronald McDonald, these guys of varying age and ethnic backgrounds simply possess a name that is famously associated with the McDonald's mascot.

Taco Bell covered its rear from a potential lawsuit by adding tiny print near the end of the commercial that emphasized that the men were in no way affiliated with their competitor.

They just happen to be named Ronald McDonald and like the taste of their breakfast!

We already knew there was no way that the king of the fast food breakfast hill was going to allow a shot across the bow to go unanswered.

However...was anyone predicting free coffee?

From March 31st through April 13th you can get a free small coffee if you come into McDonald's.

Taco Bell doesn't seem phased by the limited time offer. The company responded to the move on social media by saying, "We just launched the next generation of breakfast. It's not a two-week promotion."

The fact that McDonald's moved to respond to Taco Bell's new breakfast at all suggests that the company does see the newcomer as a serious potential threat to their business.

McDonald's may have dubbed Taco Bell's move into breakfast "imitation", but it is the response by the veteran that should be flattering.

After all, if the new breakfast options from Taco Bell was visibly doomed, would McDonald's have even bothered? Obviously not.

It's safe to say the fast food breakfast wars are going to be anything but boring.

Image via Twitter