Fred Matua Dies At 28, Twitter Reacts

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Fred Matua, former USC offensive lineman, has passed away at the too-young age of 28 of a heart-related condition, leaving friends, family, and teammates struggling to deal with their grief.

Matua was a fierce competitor, arriving at USC with an air of uncertainty around him regarding where he would make the best fit; however, once the coaches saw the fire in his belly, they knew they had to have him for the offensive line. He stepped up and made the game his own, bringing with him a defensive attitude and power to every game. He was unapologetic about his personality and seemed to mold it to fit each play.

"I can't change," Matua said. "Same volume every day -- loud. You've got to be loud. It's a street attitude. The way I act is in a defensive manner. Defense was my identity when I came here, that's just me."

The loss of that spirit is hitting the sports world hard today as friends and colleagues offer their thoughts and prayers to Matua's family, including four-year old daughter, Tiamoni.

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