Foursquare Updates Its BlackBerry App, Adds NFC Communication

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All you ever hear about these days is iOS this or Android that. What about the good ol' BlackBerry? I owned one for years and I still miss its amazing keyboard. Well, at least one company hasn't forgotten the BlackBerry and they're even bringing some updates to the platform.

Foursquare announced some updates that are coming to the Blackberry version of the app. This stuff is probably already in the Android and iOS versions of the app, but it's good to have it on BlackBerry as well. RiM can still be up to date and tech savvy even if their products are beginning to slide.

The first updates are the usual house cleaning and optimizing that we see come to apps all the time. Foursquare should now be speedier and present an all around better experience for BlackBerry users.

The second update is one that I wasn't particularly a fan of when Facebook and Twitter did it, but I'm sure people like it. Foursquare notifications will now be moved to your BlackBerry inbox. I'm sure you can change this in the settings like you could with Facebook and Twitter. It still doesn't make it any less annoying when you don't want to have your phone buzzing every two seconds.

The big update though is the addition of NFC functionality. Foursquare can now take advantage of your phone's NFC connection to connect with other BlackBerry or Android devices. This allows you share places and tips between yourselves. You can even check in at places that have those fancy NFC stickers set up.

Now if you're not convinced that these features are worth downloading the Foursquare app from the BlackBerry App World, Foursquare will be at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando on May 1. If that too is not enough to entice you, RIM will also be handing out prizes to some lucky con goers.

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